Company overview

South African businesses are faced with the challenges of achieving and maintaining real company growth, whilst dealing with a largely unskilled population, the growing AIDS pandemic and increasingly strict labour legislation. We at Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd. believe the only way this can be achieved is by creating solid alliances and maintaining the highest possible standards of doing business transparently, ethically and morally.

In the current competitive market Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd understands that strategic alliances are crucial for a company’s survival and growth. We at Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd believe that companies who have defined the strategic alliances they need to form, who have defined their human capital issues and who have developed effective measures to monitor their performance and that of their employees will be the ones to succeed.

Our corporate mission is to be the staffing partner of one of these successful companies, to enable us  all to grow and become internationally competitive – offering the best people for the right position for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

To be at the leading edge of Human Capital Management assisting our clients with comprehensive solutions to their Human Resources needs enabling them to be competitive and successful.

To draw on the intellectual capabilities of a well educated and professional staff force across the industry. To offer both our clients and applicants a rich mixture of commercial expertise, combined with the human touch through the relevant experience/expertise.

Our Values

Sapho Sethu Human Capital Pty (LTD) has a firm belief in adopting a straightforward approach to business and our successful formula is based on the following fundamentals and criteria:

  • Adapting to change within the complex workplace in the new South Africa
  • Becoming an integral part of our client’s workforce
  • Ensuring that the right caliber of staff is sourced to meet our client’s needs andexpectations
  • Providing our clients with a workforce that is both efficient and flexible
  • Working strictly within the law and, more particularly, the Labour Relations Act Leveraging Human Capital 1
  • Upholding ethical and moral practices
  • Creating employment and promoting the development of skills
  • Ensuring equity compliance
  • Working within our client’s budget whilst assisting in maintaining their profitability and growth
  • Successfully integrating and managing both current and future staffing requirements for all our clients
  • Delivering excellent service at all times
  • Utilizing our resources and network to place individuals in careers