Organizational Development

Very often organizations invest heavily in transformational change programmes that fail to deliver performance in effective way. Organizational Development believes that every part of an organization is integral to a system that relies on and impacts other elements of the internal and external environment in which the organization operates. We here at Sapho Sethu help organizations deliver healthy and effective solutions through people. We have a strong humanistic and democratic approach to organizational change and development. People and collaboration are the key features of our OD interventions.


To deliver a sustainable environment for performance there are a number of organizational development and design elements that may be relevant to delivering the performance outcomes required.  Our OD practitioner will get involved in any number of interventions including; organization diagnostics, evaluation, strategic thinking, culture change, change management, coaching, mentoring, leadership development, team building, organizational design, evaluation, performance management, talent management, HR processes, learning and development, sales effectiveness, and customer services as part of a holistic OD intervention.