Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd offers much more than just “Labour Hire”. We offer the function of a full service Human Resources Department.

Our services cover the full spectrum of skill requirements from highly qualified professionals to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labourers. Implementation of contractually appointed staff gives added benefit of relieving companies of run-away administration costs and government compliance.

The Outsourcing Division offers supervised temporary and contract staffing solutions from small, medium enterprises to large corporations.

Legislative and statutory compliance with the LRA, BCEA and Bargaining Councils ensure peace of mind.

Outsourced staff are well screened, reference checked and tested along with criminal and credits checks to ensure a high caliber workforce.

We have a 100% successful immobilization record in that we have always been in the position to render the required services before the implementation date.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Freeing up management time to focus on core business
  • Flexible workforce to cater for peaks and troughs
  • Increased productivity of work force
  • Improved company focus
  • Avoiding unnecessary labour problems
  • Sharing risk
  • Access to expertise
  • Time and cost savings in terms of administration and Manpower
  • Convenience of having a pool of candidates to draw from as production output levels increase
  • Converting fixed overheads into variable costs
  • Prevent the risk of unfunded liabilities

Outsourcing Operational Structure

Account Management

Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd will ensure that invoicing is accurate and correct at all times. Regular statements, correspondence and communication ensure efficient account management with the relevant contact persons.

Basic Health Care

Control of uniforms and safety wear (where applicable) Awareness of: Health and Safety


Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd provides operational flexibility to the Client. Additional or replacement staff could be placed within a very short time span. Staff adheres to minimum recruiting standards of both Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd and the Client.

Focused Attention

Immediate, undivided, focused attention is given to any queries, incidents, accidents or other concerns. Sapho Sethu Human Capital endeavors to resolve these issues within (48) forty- eight hours from the time it is reported to us.

Recruiting Costs

All costs involved with the recruiting procedures are included in our service fee. Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd offers the Client the option to be specific in recruiting standards and qualifications and endeavors to supply candidates accordingly.

Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development

Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd Employee Responsibilities Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd will ensure that all the following obligations towards contract staff “employed” by Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd are adhered to:

  • Financial:
  • Levies and Taxes
  • Night Shift Work Allowances
  • Overtime
  • Paid Public Holidays
  • RSC
  • UIF
  • Workmen’s Compensation Claims (COIDA)
Sapho Sethu Human Capital Employee Responsibilities (cont.)


  • Time Sheets
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Leave Records (Annual and Sick) Overtime records
  • Payslips
  • Receiver of Revenue Records
  • UIF Cards


  • Annual or pro-rata leave
  • Daily and Weekly rest periods
  • Night Shift Allowances
  • Regulated working hours
  • Sick Leave

Human Resources:

  • Recruit in line with fair labour practices
  • Maintenance and keeping of employment files
  • Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Development

Site Management:

  • Pre-employment induction
  • Poor performance
  • Absenteeism
  • Misconduct
  • Support staff for sick leave
  • Annual leave and shut downs
  • Monthly wage payouts
  • Wage queries

Industrial Relations:

  • Negotiation recognition agreement
  • Strike actions
  • Disputes
  • CCMA
  • Dismissals
  • Work Stoppages i.e. Illegal Strikes

Workmen’s Compensation

  • Sapho Sethu Human Capital Development (Pty) Ltd handles all procedures, claims and administration regarding COID.

Wage Administration:

  • Efficient, electronic wage/salary payments are ensured, thus not interrupting valuable operations time.

Sapho Sethu currently provides crew transportation to
  1. SAA
  2. Comair (Kulula and British Airways)
  3. VIP Transportation to various clientele
  4. Staff transportation (G4S, RAPS, Swissport SA to name but a few)
  5. Passenger and Guest transportation for various Airlines and hotels


The above services are rendered nationally and our infrastructure and resources enables us to render a superior service cost effectively.
Below is a brief description of our various transportation services offered in Johannesburg and Cape Town.



  1. Crew transportation on the airside (We shuttle SAA crew to and from Ops and the aircrafts covering a total of 130 parking bays. On average we do 1200 trips a day and to date we have not been penalized once).
  2. Crew transportation on the landside.
  3. Comair crew transportation (We transport Kulula and British Airways crew to and from OR Tambo, Head Office and Lanseria international Airports.
  4. Passenger transportation – in the event of aircrafts being grounded, we transport the passengers for both SAA and Comair to various appointed hotels and and back to the airport as and when flights are allocated. Passengers transported on average per month is in excess of 2500.
  5. We render transportation to Comair and SAA for staff functions, training, funerals etc.
  6. We maintain a shuttle service for airport staff from the Gautrain stations to OR Tambo International and back.
  7. We provide staff transportation to G4S and RAPS

Cape Town


  1. We render crew transportation services for SAA and Comair
  2. We provide VIP transportation to various international clients requiring chauffer services in Cape Town
  3. Staff transportation is provided to G4S and RAPS as well as SAA and Comair
  4. Passenger transportation to and from the airport and various hotels is provided for by Sapho Sethu for SAA and Comair

We maintain a full operational team in every city we operate in and our resources are of the highest calibre. Our operation runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team comprises of highly skilled logistics professionals with a desire to exceed our clients expectations. In the 9 years we have been in operation we have not had a single incident resulting in a passenger being injured. A fact we are boastful of.

Sapho Sethu is committed to rendering a superior service cost effectively and efficiently and we thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to your establishment. We assure you of our commitment and dedication at all times.

Sapho Sethu is committed to rendering superior turnkey transportation solutions effectively, efficiently and in a cost effective manner.
Our extensive experience in the provision of transportation solutions will ensure the BidAir brand is not maintained but exceeded thus offering your partners peace of mind.

Safety of our passengers is paramount and we ensure that our vehicles are properly maintained by the agents.

Our drivers are;

  1. SAPS Cleared
  2. Credit Vetted
  3. Breathalyzed before, during and after their shifts
  4. Polygraph tested biannually
  5. Trained in soft skills
  6. Trained in advance, defensive and green band driving
  7. Evaluated biannually
  8. Uniformed.