Permanent and Temp Staffing Solutions

Permanent Staff Recruiting Procedures

Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd conducts an in-depth study of the Client’s corporate culture and operating style to enable them to place the most appropriate candidate for a position. Specifications for the job are then listed and candidates are carefully screened. The best possible match is actively pursued.


International research criteria have indicated a growing trend towards companies relying on psychometric testing to choose staff. This logical and systematic process, it is believed, contributes to the fair, rapid and successful appointment of candidates. As such we follow a similar 10-step process whereby we offer the added advantage of our standard, culturally neutral internal BSI (Behavioural Style Inventory) and Personality Profile Analysis. The option of calling in the services of a registered psychologist is readily available.


  • Obtaining a full job specification from the client
  • Organising a comprehensive recruitment plan
  • Advertising the position
  • Pre-screening all applicants for the position
  • In-depth interviews of all short-listed candidates
  • Checking references of prospective candidates
  • Carrying out credit clearances on all candidates including SAPS clearances
  • Short-listing the most suitable candidates
  • Referring and preparing all candidates for interviews
  • After sales service and administration

Temporary Staff Recruiting Procedures

Our screening process is the same as stipulated for permanent staff. However, an agreement is drawn up between Sapho Sethu Human Capital(Pty) Ltd and all candidates to ensure that they do no undertake, enter or accept any other position unless written consent is obtained from the company, thereby protecting the client’s turnover in the temporary division.


Conversion Rates: Temporary to Permanent


The placement fee to convert temporary staff to permanent staff is 15% (fifteen percent) of the candidate’s gross annual salary.

Contract Staff

Temporary and contract staff do not usually form part of a client’s core business activities. However the Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates that any individual who works for more than 24 hours per month is eligible for all benefits offered by the organization.


As such Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd will employ staff on behalf of a client for a fixed term. An agreement is entered into between the company and the candidate for the period in question, thereby ensuring that the candidate has no expectations to be employed for a period longer than that stipulated in the contract.


In terms of the law both Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd and the client will be held jointly and severably liable for any claims due to unfair or discriminatory labour practices.


We source applicants in various ways to find suitable candidates who would best complement our client’s corporate culture and style of operation.

Contract Staff Recruiting Procedures

Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd sources its candidates through the following: Database: Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd currently has a comprehensive Database.


Advertising: Our Company advertises extensively to attract the right applicant. Advertisements are placed in the daily newspapers nation-wide and various Internet based employment websites.


Networking: Our Company also has a national network of preferred agencies, which can be called in to assist in the search for an ideal candidate for the position – irrespective of how difficult the brief may be.


Headhunting: Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd believes in free market principles and will therefore undertake search assignments on specific request. We will however, not recruit from any company where we have placed a candidate within the past year.


Reference Checking: Two confidential reference checks are supplied with each applicant. The references are telephonically checked and are used to extract particulars regarding the applicant’s skills and experience.


Credit Checks: If requested, a credit check with either ITC or Experian is carried out on prospective candidates, at no cost to the Client. This is done with the candidate’s permission.


Educational Checks: Due to the high number of fraudulent CV’s, Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty)Ltd carries out spot checks on all educational information supplied by applicants. We insist on a Commissioner of Oaths certifying copies of all certificates, driver’s licenses, payslips and other relevant documentation.


Criminal Checks: We request permission from the applicant to run a criminal check, if so required, at no extra cost to the Client. The services of MIE Resources (Experian) are utilized. Their checks are run with the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Payment Terms

Weekly Paid Candidates

Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd invoices the Client on the employment date of the candidate. Payment is strictly (7) seven days from the date of invoice.


Monthly Paid Candidates

The Client will be invoiced on the 15th of a month for payment to be effected within (10) ten days from date of invoice.

Should a candidate be placed on a permanent basis with a Client, a guarantee period of (3) three months will apply from the date of the successful candidate’s employment and is subject to settlement of invoice within (7) seven days


The guarantee states that, should a candidate be dismissed or resigns for reasons related to an inappropriate placement, Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd will:


  1. Replace the candidate at no additional fee
  2. Replace the placement fee on a sliding scale as indicated below:
  • Termination of employment during 1st month: 100%
  • Termination of employment during 2nd month: 50%
  • Termination of employment during 3rd month: 25%


The guarantee will not apply if the candidate voluntarily resigns for any reason arising out of his/her working conditions or environment. This assessment will be at the discretion of Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd.
Should any of our candidates be approached and employed by a Client within (8) eight months of an introduction initiated by Sapho Sethu Human Capital (Pty) Ltd the Client will be held liable for a fee in accordance with our normal terms and conditions.