Supply Chain Staffing Solutions

We specialize in supply chain staffing and technical field and utilize our database to extract experienced and previously recruited individuals who have been performance approved and trained accordingly. Our motivated candidates are available to our Clients on a contract, temporary or permanent basis.

Supply Chain Recruiting Procedures

Most of our consultations with prospective candidates are based on the following:

Initial Interview:
In this interview we would discuss previous work experience and formulate a candidate biography which would include previous work experience, photographs, a brief curriculum vitae, health report, literacy exam, mathematical ability ,the rules of the road, vehicle care and delivery procedure. An attitude questionnaire would also need to be completed

Induction Lecture:
The following issues are discussed with new recruits:
Customer relations
Dress code
Emergency and accident procedure
Rate of pay and benefit structure
Ongoing training of candidates ensures maintenance of excellent quality staff.

We would conduct a reference check which would include the verification of licenses, qualifications and would request a minimum of two references are obtained from previous employers

Practical Road Test:
We would arrange for a Driver Evaluator to conduct a theoretical and practical evaluation of the candidates driving ability and expertise